Westies in the office!

Double trouble this week with not just me, Casper, causing mayhem in the office, but Tom’s Westie Basil also joining now every thursday.

Described by one of the team as “the equivalent to dog Formula 1″ we preceded to spend the day chasing each other around, requesting walks, and being (as you can see!) largely impossible to hold still enough for a photo!!

Another walk? REALLY!?!

Casper doing the shakey post rain-walk thing…

Hold still just enough for a photo … not quite :)

..and off to race around the office again – tennis balls and wooden floors = hours of fun!



Welcome to Pret My Pet!

Pret-My-Pet was born out of our love for Casper, our (favorite) four-legged friend, who inspired us to combine our years of experience in the luxury fashion and lifestyle sector and a proven track record of building online stores to create a shopping experience we hope will be enjoyed by all pet-lovers. Our snow-white Westie not only provided us with the inspiration to work late nights to get PMP launched, he also attended and spearheaded every meeting!

The Pret-My-Pet site has a fresh, modern look where you can easily find our favorite products from leading quality brands including Hunter, Hurtta, Mascot, Best Friends and Fuzzyard Organic and we’re stocking colourful eco-friendly dog collars, Organic venison and chicken treats, luxury machine washable dog beds, durable stylish leather leads and fun toys all tried and tested by Casper and his friends.

Our snow-white Westie/Casper looks forward to you visiting Pret-My-Pet

Here comes Casper!

Casper fresh from the hairdressers!

Hot weather survival guide

19:22 Its early evening and still pretty warm so i’m lying on the cool bathroom floor tiles to help keep me cool.  Mum says she has to take extra special care of me during hot weather  and has some great advice on how to survive the heat: 

1. Always have lots of fresh water available (we also like to cruched ice).

2. Provide us with lots of cool shelter and shade.

3. Never leave us in the car, not even for a few minutes with the window down - this could be fatal!

3. Take us for walks very early or late evening when its much cooler.

4. Buy a small dog pool for us to spalsh in.

A cool dog is a happy dog! :-)

Park and Off-leash Etiquette

11:06 is it what I think it is ? I can hear mum coming down the hall. Yes !

It’s my lead in mum’s hand. … I’m being told my tail is wagging … Maybe a little.

 14:13 what a lovely walk ! Mum and I walked around that lake in Hyde Park I really like … It has some ducks in there. When I was a little I took a little dip in it – mum says it was an accident and dogs aren’t allowed to swim in the Serpentine lake – She says there are park rules which we have to respect and that I should mind my manners off-leash. I wasnt allowed to visit the park until my immune system had fully developed (no puppies under 4 months) and my vaccinations were up-to-date. Other park rules include:

  • Keep your dog on a leash when entering and exiting the park.
  • Keep your dog on a leash if you’re unsure if the area is off-leash.
  • ALWAYS carry a leash  -  better safe than sorry!
  • If your dog starts being a nuisance or behaving aggresively, leash him/her and leave immediately. 
  • No puppies under 4 months, female dogs in heat or aggressive dogs.
  • Dont allow your dog to chase wildlife, children
  • Never let your dog out of site and makes he/she is always in calling distance.
  • Never brings more dogs than you can handle. 
  • Toys may cause territorial issues, so better to leave them at home. 
  • Always carry a poop-bag and clean up after your dog!


15:41 back at home.

 15:43 I’ve been a good boy – mum gave me a yummy venison treat  - which is what makes my coat shiny.

 20:35 mum is doing some work . Think I’ll take a nap now … A well deserved rest I believe.

Sun Day Times

Sunday Times

Dog Walkers & Minders in London

Hi All

I’ve decided that my first ever post should be about my favourite minders.  When my parents go away it’s really important to me that I stay with someone nice, in their homes and not in a nasty kennel.  I live around Notting Hill in London and here’s my choice of the best people to stay with when the P’s are away:

Trevor from www.youthedogandi.co.uk, he’s great fun and takes me for long walks in the park.  He’s got a lovely flat and garden where I can run around with the other dogs.

Katie Walker, from Sniffy Dogs is gorgeous and I love walking around the park with her cause all the other dogs get envious :-)   Her dog Teddy is also one of my best mates so I really look forward to sleepovers there.  Her number is  07767 444762

Carlos, he’s a proper dog trainer and groomer and goes to top end dog shows all over the world – he’s very important!  I go to him to get my hair done as he hand strips it for me so it stays nice and long but doesn’t get knotted :-)   You can also stay overnight with him and go for proper training walks too.  His number is  07903 915 442 .

Let me know your favourite walkers and minders and where they are so that we can share the love with the rest of the PMP community.

Woof, xC

Casper blogging

Off-Leash Parks in London

Sunday morning…

7:04  My parents are stirring – they had friends around last night. That’s my prompt to fetch the newspaper from the front steps.

9:47 That sausage smell is in the air, hope dad has made too much.  Why do they love that hot dark liquid – water is the only liquid for me.

10:19 “Walkies Casper!” Music to these dropey ears. We’re off to Regents Park for my daily walk and boy do I get my exercise chasing a ball  – it’s one of the few parks where I get to do the Westie strut of f-leash.

Other off-leash Parks I love inlcude: Primrose Hill, St James Park and Green Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Richmond, Greenwich Park and Bushy Park.

11:57  That big Rufus thinks he’s so crash hot with his new red leather collar. Mum says he a Boxer and requires a lot of exercise.

4:30 Afternoon tea with the neighbour’s and their kids…. Probably get a few crumbs …mum says Westies are great with children because we have the right temperament. She also says we’re an intelligent breed but oh so willful at times!

3:51 All according to plan – chocolate cupcake bounced once, then I pounced…But my joy was short-lived. Chocolate is off the menu :-(

6:00 Time for a nap.

Bath time

Saturday morning…

08:48 Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr  … What is that noise ??

 09:37 Dad was out in the yard with a man who had a big machine that sounded angry. There was a big tree out there but now it is gone – dad carried tree branches into a lorry.

10:50 I hear water running, my parents are filling a bucket with water and a few squirts of my shampoo which means I’m getting a bath…and this always results in two things: mum and dad always end up wetter than me and I always get some liver treats, pats and cuddles to reassure me I’ll be ok.

Mum says she has to pay extra special attention when drying out my ear-canals because trapped water can cause painful and smelly ear infections and that means an unwanted trip to the vet.  Bath time can hold a lot of fears for us little guys and also our parents, but the easiest way is to:

1. Fill the bucket with lukewarm water and add a few squirts of dog shampoo (low in perfume and soap free).

2. The best place for bath-time is an enclosed area with some treats and toys in easy reach.

3. With a large soft sponge, work the soap into a lather all over your dogs coat – give special attention to the muzzle, between the legs and around the rear end.

4. Using another bucket of clean lukewarm water (or a hand-held shower head) rinse out the shampoo starting with back of the head and working your way down. If your dog gets anxious, take a short break and resume when he/she is calmer.

5. Once all the shampoo has been rinsed, use a towel to dry your dog -  an all over doggy-pat.  Make sure your dog is dried properly if it’s cold or let your dog dry in the sun if its a warm day. NEVER LEAVE YOUR DOG WET WHEN ITS COLD.

6. Check your dogs ear-canals are dry and pay extra special attention to long floppy ears.

Now time for me to take a well earned rest! ;-)

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